KosPharma Italia srl is a young company with an Italian headquarter aiming to produce and supply dietary supplements e products for the health and wellness of humans and animals.

To reach these aims, KosPharma Italia srl uses the scientific cooperation of the International Institute for Clinical Research and Analysis (IICRA srl – www.iicra.it), a spin-off of the University of Camerino. IICRA srl is an innovative Start Up which has the right employees, structures and know-how to realize innovative formulations with an high technological value both for humans and animals. Within this cooperation,  KosPharma Italia srl intend to promote pharmaceutical researches and clinical studies.

KosPharma Italia srl decided to concentrate its resources on a single supplier to reduce the risks during the technical transfer of projects and know-how, so to minimize the loss of efficiency in terms of costs and delays. IICRA srl and KosPharma Italia srl could represent a rational answer in an international market of dietary products which is growing up more and more competitive, with a strong demand of outsourcing services.

KosPharma Italia srl signed a partnership with the academic spin-off IICRA srl so to cover all the specific fields with its specializations. Within this agreement, KosPharma Italia srl has the exclusive right to produce and supply a new line of dietary supplements both for human and veterinary usage named LINEADYN, mainly made up of olive leaves extract, developed by IICRA srl and now in the “Patent Pending” condition. These products are part of IICRA’s brand named “ŒLABASE”.

The exclusive partnership between IICRA srl and KosPharma Italia srl is essential also to assure the safety and the quality standard of the products through the control and research action of IICRA srl.